Why Do You Need A Copywriter?

3 Reasons To Hire A Copywriter Before It's Too Late

1. Saving You Time

Instead of spending hours of your valuable time reworking and reworking your copy, you could be making much better use of your time, contacting clients, writing invoices, or maybe have more time to spend with your family! Hiring a copywriter takes the stress away of deciding what to write, and gives you the confidence knowing that an expert has taken over the difficult job.

2. Saving You Money

While you do have to pay your freelance copywriter, the initial investment is minuscule compared to the return you will get. They will clearly communicate your message and can save you hundreds of dollars on ads and marketing tactics.  Also, working with one copywriter gives you the piece of mind of knowing exactly who you are working with rather than wonder if a third party is handling your affairs. (Freelancer, Upwork, etc.)

3. Making You Money

A copywriter is an expert at being concise, clear, and compelling people to take action. Having web pages, a blog, etc. that compels readers to sign up, purchase, or visit your business adds value by bringing your business traffic, which in turn increases your profit. Product descriptions are key because they describe what value the customer or client will gain. 



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Critical Conditions


Michael Has A Ball (The Michael Series Book 1)


Michael's Big Birthday (The Michael Series Book 2)


Michael Goes On Vacation (The Michael Series Book 3)


Why John Sera?

John Sera Copywriting is experienced in working with all clientele, using only the best verbal and written communication, and displays proficiency in client assessment and time management.  I am a strong team player deeply committed to delivering quality care resulting in superior client feedback.  Whatever your business situation, let me handle your copywriting needs and rest assure you will be in capable hands.

I primarily work in direct response copy, sales letters, e-mails, site auditing, case studies, white papers, and B2B projects. 

I specialize in the real estate, sports, and natural health fields, but I take on projects from all industries.  It is my belief that anything can be accomplished with good communication and a focused attitude.  I look forward to meeting and doing business with you soon.  Please refer to the contact information above to leave an email or phone me directly to take the first step to boosting your business. 
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